Siri Mari Vitalis Larsen


2018- MA in Arthistory UIT, Tromsø, NO
2015-2018 BA in Contemporary art Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and
Creative Writing Tromsø, NO
2017 Exchange in Newcastle UK – Fine Art
2012-2014 The School for New Dance Oslo, NO
2011-2012 Trøndertun Trondheim, NO
2009-2011 Dance, Kongsbakken Tromsø, NO



2015 2018 – News titles collection 2018
From dark to darkness 2016
Not Random Art Issu 2 2016
Rom For Dans, Oslo 2015



2018 – KIT- Kunstnerne i Tromsø – Vara medlem i styret, Tromsø, NO
2018 – Tromsø Open – Leder Tromsø, NO
2018 – Open Out forening – styremedlem Tromsø, NO
2018 – Galleri Snerk – styremedlem Tromsø, NO
2015 – 2017 Leader of TSI Dansademika board, Tromsø, NO
2017 – RADart network, member, Tromsø, NO
2017 – Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere, member and jubeleumsansvarlig t.o.m 2019, Tromsø, NO


External Courses

Assuming public space workshop with Thomas Hirschhorn, Tromsø, NO
Art critique workshop with Tekstbyrået



Tromsø kommune- Etableringst atlie
The norwegian BARENTS secretariat- Artist Daria Lova
– Feminist poster workshop 2018
Lille Tvibitstigen – Utekunzt 2017


Siri Mari Vitalis Larsen was born in Tromsø, Norway, and graduated from School
for New Dance in Oslo in 2014. She just fnnished her BA Tromsø Academy of
Contemporary Art. Drawing from her background in dance and art, her work
often refect on the human body, mixing together different art mediums to exsplore new landscape. The work might originate from personal life experiences
and processes, developing through stages of observation. It is an investigation
of the physical being transformed into something fysical or digital – subjective
experience becoming objective documentation – a refection on how our lives
have become.


BA MA Graduation Show – Tromsø Kunstforening, NO
Flip-Flop a cabare – GIGGEL, Newcastle. UK
Tromsø Open- Soon it´s all gone




This tree works are made in a prosess of intuetinv thoughts and translation of
feelings. By working with folke lore, image of pre historic sea, and a small collection of fabrics from my years in the art academy. Togheter they become the
story of this Northen Norweigian woman standing up for herself by not letting
her be easly sceard of the unknown. By going deeper in to organic shaping
the works becoms “living” beeings on its own. They each tell their own story
of a life of imagination.
Pinocioo, Gjete kongens hare, Alice in wonderland, the little mermaid
Mixed media works.


Kunstforeningen i Tromsø 4-27 Mai 2018




Ceramics, clay, glaze (over 200 piece)


Kunstforeningen i Tromsø 4-27 Mai 2018



Folklore from Finmark: Hun bodde alene, og mange av mannfolkene i bygda var begeistret for henne, men hun ville ikke ha noen av dem. Som en slags hevn fant mannfolkene på at de skulle sende gjenferder til henne, for
 skremme henne. En høstkveld høtrte hun at det kom noen utenfor døra
hennes, men hun så ingen. Da skjønte hun det var gjenferder og sa til dem:
– Ja, dokker e no kommen, og når dokker først e kommen, skal dokker få
arbeide for meg. Etter noen dager syntes hun at hun hadde fått nok brensel
for vinteren og sa: – No er det nok med ved, og no skal dokker bli med meg.
Hun hentet en liten stav og ba dem følge med henne. De gikk til kirkegården,
og da de var kommet dit, stakk hun staven i jorda og laget fere hull: – No må
dokker dra tilbake dit dokker e kommen i fra, for no har dokker arbeid nok for
meg. Da forsvant alle gjenferdene.

Pap mache of news paper, wood, wood glue, acrylic paint, fake hair, and fabric


Kunstforeningen i Tromsø 4-27 Mai 2018



‘Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.
This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather
shyly, ‘I — I hardly know, sir, just at present — at least I know who I WAS when
I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since
‘What do you mean by that?’ said the Caterpillar sternly. ‘Explain yourself!’
‘I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir’ said Alice, ‘because I’m not myself, you see.’
‘I don’t see,’ said the Caterpillar.
‘I’m afraid I can’t put it more clearly,’ Alice replied very politely, ‘for I can’t understand it myself to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very

Mixe of fabrics collected from last 3 years.


Kunstforeningen i Tromsø 4-27 Mai 2018


“no tittel”


Collection of news tittels from Dagbladet and VG from 2017- Collecting
directly from the iphone apps.


Kunstforeningen i Tromsø 27 Mai 2018



Collection of short videos that are spontaneously shot of the place or movment of the surrounding (with or without me). I play with the music as a linear
story telling voice. Whith pop classics as:
I want to break free- Queen
Don´t Go- Yas
Modern Love- David Bowie (AND more)
The music is the last element after shoting and editing the movie. This is
where I tests whitch song are playing with words and feelings that I see/feel
in the videos.
The vids are recorded on my Iphone and edited fast in imovie.
The Cabaret series for me a prodject to give room for my secret archive of
ideas that not necessarily live other places than my phone library.

iPhone video, pop music


 Februar GIGGLE, Newcastle, UK



7 Flip-fop a walk -2.01 min (of 9min) – GIGGLE, Newcastle, UK
Self Constrained – CODA Festival, Vin & Valsen, Oslo, NO
Sea change and Change horses in the middle of the stream – Academy of
contemporary art, Tromsø, NO
Female Boldly – Small Projects, Tromsø, NO
Department of Contemporary Self Awareness – Galleri SNERK, Tromsø, NO
Constructive Ambiguity – Veitasenteret, Tromsø, NO
Therianthrope- Collaboration with Viktor Pedersen Torget, Tromsø, NO




First Edition

Still picture of frst edition of the cabaret series.
I am dancing in Flip-Flops in Newcasle UK and it was snowing.
I was homesick.

Iphone video, Pop music


November GIGGLE, Newcastle, UK 2017



An digitization of the physical world to a virtuality hybrid world. The physical
existence of the performance being transformed into something digital-artifcial nature. The beings behavior as this fowing existences. A beginning of a
new universe.
“Sea change” are tre short movies show together and the total length is
16.09 min.
I need air – 7.40 min
Do you fucking feel my passion? – 5.19 min
Almost at the end – 3.10


Realisparty DJ klitter 2017


Do you fucking feel my passion? Still picture from the mov



Nomadic collection of fabrics


Installation of various fabrics sawn together in random sizes hanging from the selling
4m x 5m



This work is a collaboration between artists Maja Bäckström (SE) and Siri Mari
Vitalis Larsen (NO). Together we have created a performance piece, a video,
wearable sculptures and a series of photographs. We have studied the possibilities and limitations of the body. We created limitations that open up for
new types of movement patterns.

Link til Vimeo video


Codafestival, Vin&Vals, Oslo, No 2017
Small projects, Tromsø, No – Female Boldly 2017



Neoland- Self Constrained- Collaboration with Maja Backstrom Black Box,
Tromsø, NO
Group Therapy – Galleri SNERK, Tromsø, NO
Decoding Life- Under my thumb – Blackbox kunstakademiet Tromsø, NO
En eksistensiell pubertetsperformance om reincarnation – Mack Bryggeri lokalene, Tromsø, No


From sponge to reality – Big splash – Galleri SNERK, Tromsø, NO
Double-goer – Self Portrait – Snerk, Tromsø, NO
Her Rituals, Kulturnatta, Tromsø, NO


Video length 1,31 min (on going collecting project)
Ten artists- ten emotions Come to group therapy and face your feelings through ten
short video works.
An exhibition by: Magnus Wibe Wyn-Lyn Tan Vsevolodas Kovalevskis Aitken Ruth
Alexandra Ten artists- emotions Maja Bäckström Markus Garvin Julia Nilsson Siri Mari
Vitalis Larsen Liliana Borge Asta Marie Tutavae Iversen

1.31 min video


Snerk, Tromsø, No – Group therapy


My dad always told me that I am his
porcelain doll.
He was right.

Testet in various photo format.


Snerk, Tromsø, No – Double-goer



The end of the world is soon here…


Publication print on ricoh print