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2018- MA in Arthistory UIT, Tromsø, NO
2015-2018 BA in Contemporary art Tromsø
Academy of Contemporary Art and
Creative Writing Tromsø, NO
2017 Exchange in Newcastle UK – Fine Art
2012-2014 The School for New Dance Oslo, NO
2011-2012 Trøndertun Trondheim, NO
2009-2011 Dance, Kongsbakken Tromsø, NO

2015 2018 – News titles collection 2018
From dark to darkness 2016
Not Random Art Issu 2 2016
Rom For Dans, Oslo 2015


2018 – KIT- Kunstnerne i Tromsø – Vara medlem i styret, Tromsø, NO
2018 – Tromsø Open – Leder Tromsø, NO
2018 – Open Out forening – styremedlem Tromsø, NO
2018 – Galleri Snerk – styremedlem Tromsø, NO
2015 – 2017 Leader of TSI Dansademika board, Tromsø, NO
2017 – RADart network, member, Tromsø, NO
2017 – Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere, member and jubeleumsansvarlig t.o.m 2019, Tromsø, NO

External Courses

Assuming public space workshop with Thomas Hirschhorn, Tromsø, NO
Art critique workshop with Tekstbyrået


Tromsø kommune- Etableringst atlie
The norwegian BARENTS secretariat- Artist Daria Lova
– Feminist poster workshop 2018
Lille Tvibitstigen – Utekunzt 2017


Siri Mari Vitalis Larsen was born in Tromsø, Norway, and graduated from School
for New Dance in Oslo in 2014. She just fnnished her BA Tromsø Academy of
Contemporary Art. Drawing from her background in dance and art, her work
often refect on the human body, mixing together different art mediums to exsplore new landscape. The work might originate from personal life experiences
and processes, developing through stages of observation. It is an investigation
of the physical being transformed into something fysical or digital – subjective
experience becoming objective documentation – a refection on how our lives
have become.